Aka.ms/mfasetup is one of the best ways to keep your business safe. It means that you and employees must use more than one way to sign in to Microsoft 365. Now that you know how multifactor authentication (MFA) works and that Microsoft 365 supports it, it's time to set it up and make it available to everyone in your company.

How to Turn on Multi Factor Authentication - Aka.ms/mfasetup

Aka.ms/mfasetup or multi-factor identification, is a very important first step in securing the security of your business. You can use security settings or Conditional Access rules in Microsoft 365 for Business to turn on MFA for your manager and user accounts.

Before You Begin With Aka.ms/mfasetup

Turn Security Defaults on or Off

For the majority of organizations, Security defaults provide an adequate level of additional sign-in protection. If your subscription is new, the default security settings may have been activated for you automatically. The Properties pane for Azure Active Directory in the Azure portal is where you enable or disable security defaults.

Setting Up Your Microsoft 365 Sign-in for Aka.ms/mfasetup

Setting up Aka.ms/mfasetup provides your Microsoft 365 account sign-in as an extra measure of security. For example, you might first type in your password and then, when asked, type in a verification code that is made up on the spot by an authenticator app or sent to your phone.